The AIR-VAL DISNEY FROZEN ELSA (W) EDT is a captivating fragrance that encapsulates the magical essence of the beloved Disney character, Elsa, from the hit movie Frozen. Created by Air-Val, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality perfumes, this EDT is a perfect choice for any fan of the Frozen franchise or those who appreciate enchanting scents. This fragrance is designed specifically for women, exuding a sense of feminine grace and elegance. It combines an array of delightful notes to create a truly unique and enchanting aroma. The top notes consist of refreshing citrus and fruity accords, instantly uplifting your spirits. As the fragrance settles, the heart notes reveal a delicate floral bouquet, adding a touch of romance and sophistication. Finally, the base notes provide a warm and comforting fragrance, leaving a lasting impression. The AIR-VAL DISNEY FROZEN ELSA (W) EDT comes in a generous 100ml size, ensuring you can enjoy this captivating scent for a long time. The packaging features a beautiful design inspired by the Frozen movie, making it an ideal gift for any Frozen fan. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this EDT is made with high-quality ingredients to ensure a long-lasting and pleasant fragrance experience. Whether you're attending a special occasion or simply want to feel empowered and confident, this fragrance is the perfect companion. Indulge in the enchanting world of Disney's Frozen with the AIR-VAL DISNEY FROZEN ELSA (W) EDT. Let the captivating aroma transport you to a magical realm, where dreams come true and adventures await.
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