Introducing Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb (W) EDP, a luxurious fragrance that captures the essence of femininity and elegance. Created by the renowned fashion house Viktor & Rolf, this perfume is the perfect embodiment of sophistication and allure.

The fragrance opens with a burst of freshness, combining top notes of bergamot and green tea. This invigorating blend awakens the senses and sets the stage for the captivating heart notes of jasmine, orchid, and rose. The floral bouquet envelops you in a delicate embrace, leaving a trail of feminine grace wherever you go.

The base notes of patchouli and musk add depth and sensuality to the fragrance, creating a lasting impression that lingers on the skin. With its unique blend of floral and oriental accords, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb (W) EDP is a scent that exudes confidence and allure.

The elegant and timeless design of the bottle further enhances the luxurious nature of this fragrance. The iconic grenade-shaped bottle, adorned with a delicate flower, is a symbol of power and femininity.

Whether you're attending a special event or simply want to feel your best every day, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb (W) EDP is the perfect choice. Its captivating scent will leave you feeling confident, elegant, and ready to conquer the world.

Indulge yourself in the luxurious world of Viktor & Rolf and experience the magic of Flowerbomb. Discover the irresistible allure of this exquisite fragrance and let it become your signature scent.

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